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November 25, 2015 |

Santas Needed for Children in Foster Care…Select a Child this Sunday
This coming Sunday, November 29th, you will find 75 ornaments hanging on the Jubilee! Christmas tree in the Hospitality Room. Each ornament represents a child who is in foster care in Buncombe County. Each ornament also shares vital information about the child and their hopes for Christmas gifts. Want to be a “Santa?” Plan on spending about $100 per child, a little less for younger children, perhaps a little more for teens. Too much to spend? Join with a friend and do it together. Or, if you do not want to do the shopping, you may write a check to Jubilee! and we will handle the shopping for you. Return the gifts to Jubilee! no later than Sunday, December 18th. Please do not wrap your gifts as they must be inspected by the foster parents before they can be given to the child. And, please be sure that your ornament is securely attached.

Holiday Concert with Music & Stories Coming Friday, December 4th
Save Friday, December 4th for a very special holiday concert featuring an intimate evening of music by Paula Hanke with accompaniment by award winning pianist/composer Michael Jefry Stevens.  Ms. Hanke, a member of Jubilee! World Beat Band and the BJ Leiderman Band, will be performing music to get you in the holiday mood, along with some of her personal favorite songs. Opening the concert is storyteller and actor, David Novak, who will be spinning holiday tales. This traditional event is sponsored by the Jubilee! Arts Team. Tickets are $12.

Prayer Vigil & Benefit for Orphan Children of Syria…
Sunday, December 6th, 6—8 pm

Join ‘Hadaya Toys’ for a luminous candlelight vigil and fundraiser to benefit Syrian refugee children in our Celebration Center. The candlelight evening will feature Middle Eastern music by World super-group Free Planet Radio. Habibi baklava and other delectable treats will be available to enjoy along with a spoken word and film presentation about the Syrian refugee crisis. This community event is to specifically raise funds for the children of the BEITI orphanage in Southern Turkey, who have lost one or both parents in the war. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door or in advance at Malaprops. This event is sponsored by the Jubilee! Prayer Wall Team.

Bringing Happy Back Into the Holidays…Tuesday, December 8th 7- 9 pm
This free class led by Kevin Peer will be devoted to helping people to become less effected by the many in-ner and outer pressures that arise during the holiday season…pressures that too often lead to depression and even despair, especially for those not choosing to or not able to live up to the cheery, materialistic, media-saturated image of what the holidays “should” look like. RSVP at kevin@inneralliance.net. Sponsored by the Spiritual Journey Team.

Journeys with Life-Threatening Illnesses
An InterPlay Retreat Day for Patients and Care Providers on
Saturday, December 12th, 9:30 am to 4 pm 

This workshop is for people who are or have been on a journey with a life-threatening illness, or who have been a personal care provider or health professional in this situation. The workshop will incorporate the embodied practices of InterPlay through story, movement, stillness, and vocalizing. InterPlay is rooted in ease, affirmation, restoration and play. Facilitators are Marie Garlock and Ginny Going. RSVP to Darlene Kucken at darlenekucken@ hotmail.com or 919-623-7037. Participations is on a sliding Scale of $25-50, but no one will be turned away. Sponsored by the Wellness Team.

Sell Your Wares! Shop for Gifts!
If you are participating in the Jubilee! Talent Project to raise money to help keep folks warm this winter (Remember when you took an envelope with a $10 bill inside?), mark these dates on your calendars: Sundays, November 29th and December 6th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. We will have tables set up in the Hospitality Room for you to sell your creations. First come, first served. This is also a great opportunity to purchase gifts for family or friends.

Colds, Flu? No Problem…Tuesday, December 1 at 6:30 pm
Find out why 100 million people world wide use Homeopathy to treat illness such as colds, flu and other viruses. Join the Wellness Team for a 2 hour presentation by Kimberly Woods, C.Hom. starting at 6:30 pm. Questions? Call (828) 645-2919. A $10 donation is asked.

Want to Help at MANNA FOOD BANK?
The final workday at MANNA Food Bank for this year is Saturday, December 12th.  We would love your help but you must sign up to participate by emailing Sandy Jones at smile sandyj@gmail. com. The hours are 9 am to noon . Children and teens are welcome. Be sure to wear closed toe shoes.

Seeds Available
The Seeds for Celebration for the upcoming “Holy Days” are now available in the Hospitality Room. The Seeds will tell you everything you might want to know about our upcoming Celebrations between November 29th and January 3rd. And if you have a song, poem, reading, or dance to offer, email Howard at howardhangerhall@gmail.com

Have You Pledged?
If you have completed your Commitment card, THANKS! If not, we hope you will complete one this Sunday indicating your desire to support the ministries of Jubilee! Community in 2016. We consider giving as an opportunity for spiritual growth and hope you see it that way as well.

Jubilant Cam MacQueen who owns TBob’s says, “Just in time for the holidays, THE BLOCK off biltmore (TBob), Asheville’s first EcoVegan, Social Justice bar is open in the historic YMI Building (corner of Eagle and Market Streets). We’re busking for small bites, featuring live music, artisans, spoken word performers, and supporting all things local & progressive – beers to nonprofits and beyond. Mention you are a Jubilant and we’ll discount your membership! For more on TBob, please visit www.the block off biltmore.com and join us on social media. See you there!”