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December 23, 2015 |

Have You Ever Needed a Helping Hand?
Had a surgery, a birth or death, a life-changing diagnosis, a challenge as you age, or simply the everyday demands of a culture without community?  Then you know the love and support of others is what matters.
Announcing the Jubilee! Care and Compassion Team. Our mission is to foster lasting and meaningful relationships among Jubilants! by providing short-term assistance to community members needing compassionate care.  We seek to empower each other as individuals and as a community by providing care in times of crisis that falls within our capacity. What does this mean?  As team members, you will receive emails listing opportunities to help by: bringing a meal, giving a ride, lending an ear, offering very short term child or elder care and so much more! To learn about the steps for getting involved, contact Lauren Fortuna at [email protected] or Jackie Dobrinska at 828-252-5335 x 3# or [email protected]

Got Plans for New Year’s Eve?
Join Sangita Devi Kirtan for a Sacred, Playful, and Heart Opening Celebration on New Year’s Eve at Jubilee!. The evening will begin with sacred music in the form of kirtan (call and response singing/chanting). The Kirtan will transition into an intention setting candle ceremony. The ceremony will be followed by an Ecstatic Dance wave, weaving us together in celebration as we embrace the New Year. Doors open at 7 pm. Kirtan will begin at 7:30. Tickets are $30 from December 21-30. Tickets at the door are sliding scale $35-50. Tickets available here: http://www.brownpaper tickets.com/event/2466219. This event is sponsored by the World Beat Band.

New Year’s Day Bonfire…Friday, January 1st, 2016 at 5 pm
You are invited to attend the New Year’s Day Bonfire at Hanger Hall at 5 pm on Friday, January 1st, 2016. Howard’s home is located at 31 Park Avenue, North. We will sing, offer our hopes and prayers for the new year and enjoy the warmth of the fire and friends.

Sound from Alpha to Omega—Coming in January
…Mondays, January 11, 18 & 25 at 7 pm

All we’ll be doing in this three-week workshop is experiencing a whole new way of perceiving reality…We’ll learn to recognize and take advantage of your sonic nature.  We’ll explore the seemingly magical process of internalizing the external.  And we’ll draw on the ancient mystical wisdom of Yosemite Sam to shift your perspective.  So pay attention (or contact Daniel at [email protected]) for further details.

You Are Cordially Invited to Co-create Our Future
…Friday, January 15th, 2016

Jubilee! is now 26 years of age and growing!  We need you to help define what  we might look like in 3 – 5 years and explore how we will get there. The Board of Directors is inviting each and every Jubilant to the Jubilee! World Cafe – a highly interactive and participatory visioning process. (Drinks will be available.) Sign up with a board member in the Hospitality Room before January 5th. Join us on January 15, from 7—9. It will be fun & free.

Talent Project $
If you have any Talent Project money to turn in, please place it in an envelope, mark it as “Talent $” and place it in the offering basket by Sunday, December 27th. We would like to have all talent money in by the first of the year so we can get it into the hands of folks who need it.

Join in the Discussion
The next meeting of the Jubilee! book group will be held on Monday, January 4, at 1:30 pm, in the Hospitality Room.  This will be our first discussion of the book, The Souls of Animals, by Gary Kowalski.  The new year is a great time to expand your horizons and try something different, and we would love to have you join us for our interesting, educational, inspiring, and fun(!) weekly meetings.  Questions?  Contact Claudia Sherry: 828-713-3720.

Seeds for Celebration Available
Hot off the press! Pick a copy up in the Hospitality Room starting Sunday, January 3rd. The Seeds will tell you every thing you might want to know about our Celebrations for the Via Creativa. The theme for the quarter is “Tree Talk.”

Make Your Prayer Flag
As one year ends and a new year begins, it means the 2015 prayer flags will be coming down and released into the New Year’s Day bonfire thus setting the stage (or empty rafters) for your 2016 flags.  On January 10th and 17th the Earth Team welcomes you to share your prayers and blessings. Be simple, be creative and let’s beat last year’s record of 750 flags. It’s free, just stop in the Hospitality Room. Make 1 or 10 flags.  One rule this year….no politics please!