Vicki Garlock

Vicki Michela Garlock grew up in Kankakee, IL. She was raised Lutheran and attended a Lutheran grade school for grades K-8. She also attended a Catholic high school. Because she also attended church and Sunday School every Sunday, Vicki had some form of religious education 6 days a week from age 5-15. As she likes to say, “Even a complete idiot would know the Bible stories under those circumstances!”

Vicki then received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Brown University in Providence, RI. After taking a few years off from school, she returned to the University of AL at Birmingham to earn her Ph.D. For the first four years, she was in the Neuroscience program where she studied the serotonin system in the brains of young rats suffering from a movement disorder. For the next four years, she was in the Developmental program where she studied early predictors of reading achievement in kids aged 4-8.

In 1997, Vicki accepted a position in the Psychology Department at Warren Wilson College. While there, she taught a variety of courses (including Intro. to Psych., Infant and Child Development, Drugs and Human Behavior, Biopsychology, Sensation and Perception, Learning and Conditioning, Cognition, Research Methods). She also served on numerous committees and was the Chair of the Psychology Department.

In 2008, Vicki accepted the position of Nurture Coordinator and Curriculum Specialist at Jubilee! She has spent most of her time developing the curriculum; however, the Nurture Coordinator position also includes hiring and training our Nurture Program staff and certain administrative duties.

Our Safe Sanctuary Policy strongly recommends at least two teachers in every classroom. The older groups actually operate with a team of three teachers who rotate most weeks. The Nursery also has 2-3 adults present for each Celebration. Because each staff member brings unique gifts and talents to our program, Vicki works hard to foster those gifts, while also helping the teachers to expand their horizons. Many of the weekly lesson plans keep teacher preferences in mind, allowing them to play to their individual strengths. Since most of them didn’t grow up reading ancient texts, other than the Bible, Vicki helps them become comfortable with those texts and with using them in teaching children.

To keep in touch, Vicki writes a bi-monthly newsletter available in hard copy, on the Jubilee! web site, or .pdf format. Individual staff members are highlighted, a brief curriculum outline is provided, and various upcoming events are described. Vicki also sends out occasional, short e-mails reminding folks of Sunday school topics and important dates. If you would like to be on that e-mail list, please contact Vicki at [email protected].

Administratively, Vicki keeps in touch with the Board and with Don and Howard regarding programmatic and curricular concerns. Vicki writes the annual Nurture Program budget that is approved by the Board as part of the overall Jubilee! operating budget. We are happy to report that Jubilee! is now a Fair Wage Institution, paying at least $12.50/hr. for everyone on our Nurture staff. The Nurture Program budget also includes budget lines to pay for Vicki’s salary, the Nursery Staff, and supplies.

Most importantly, as Nurture Coordinator, Vicki gets to know all sorts of people from the Jubilee! community, especially the Jubilee! families. Being a part of the Jubilee! community is one of the best parts of this job, and Vicki considers it her great privilege to meet new friends every week. Vicki lives in Asheville with her husband, Vic, and her two children, Aurelia and Atticus.