Vision: As We Give, We Receive by Catherine Cope, Chair of the Board

November 6, 2019 |

Dear Jubilant,

One of the many things I find extraordinary about Jubilee! is our ability to courageously embrace that which is being called forward in our lives. We Jubilants are in the midst of showing off our propensity for joyful growth! As we have celebrated our roots and the contributions of our beloved Howard Hanger, we now welcome a fresh song through our new Minister of Ritual, Amy Steinberg. Amy is a powerhouse, and she shares with us a deep well and relationship with the Divine.

Perhaps, some of us have felt the ground shake under our feet these past months? And I expect some of you have felt, as I have, a more alive awareness of the blessings abundant within this Community through this period of change. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the good work we Jubilants do in this world. I have strong certainty that we will continue to expand and strengthen as we enter 2020. Through all of this ground shaking and joyful transformation, Jubilee! is more available than ever to give and receive love. We are more ready than ever to engage in this sacred reciprocity.

I write today to invite you into a formal relationship with this giving. We build our budget for the year ahead based on pledges we receive today. I ask you to ensure the financial stability of our community in faith with your contribution.

Your strong financial support of Jubilee! is key.
As you give, please stretch, dig deep, give generously. 

As we give, we receive. The good we bring to our community through outreach, and the connection and spiritual depth we share whenever we gather, circles around to nourish our own hearts and fills the cups of those in need again and again. Now more than ever, your gift makes the difference. Your gift makes it possible.

In gratitude,

Catherine Cope
On behalf of the Jubilee! Board of Directors