Vision: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Howard Hanger

April 10, 2019 |

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet
Here’s something that you never gonna forget
You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet

So what is it with this whole big Easter story?

Up to its eyeballs in religion. It’s bloody and it’s gory.

Just a few small books record it at all – No historical proof it seems

What if the point of Easter is that life…

Is beyond your wildest dreams?

This Jesus dude always breaking rules

With the government and religion.

Ain’t no wonder they strung him up.

Don’t be messing with tradition.

All he could think or do was love

Even taking it to extremes

As if loving… and being loved

Is beyond your wildest dreams.

But he wouldn’t stay dead, this Jesus man.

This Energizer Jesus

Christians been singing bout it ever since

The way that Jesus frees us.

So possibly in that Easter story,

One of the primary themes

Is that not only life…  but even death…

Is beyond your wildest dreams.

Easter supposedly got its name

From a goddess of the Spring

Eostre was her English name

And new life was her thing.

Buds and blossoms, sex and birth

Ice turned to flowing streams

For Eostre all of Creation is

Beyond your wildest dreams

So what if what Christians say is true?

Jesus frees us from our sins?

Frees us by forgiving us

Makes all our goofs has-beens?

So maybe his dying and living again

Was a bright and dazzling beam

That you are forgiven – truly forgiven

Beyond your wildest dreams.