Vision: Christmas Poem, 2015 by Jubilant Mazie Warters

December 23, 2015 |

Set loose from the hands of God,
stars scatter into the waiting night…
Anonymous angels in glittering white,
their unfurled wings moving in slow motion,
fill the space where squint-eyed shepherds
dazed by bright light hear their words…
“Be not afraid… we bring good news… a child is born”
and shepherds seeking the promise of prophets
begin their journey… their souls echoing with joy.
Camels, flirting with a star and its tidal wave of light,
carry weary travelers burdened with gifts for a child king
while they struggle to untangle the mystery of his birth.
In a stable, lamp light strokes the darkness,
a single star shines through a crack in the roof.
Joseph, still clutching the remnant of a dream, awaits the child,
and Mary, at the moment of birthing, remembers the angel’s message
and believes her child – Emmanuel – is the Gift – the beating heart of god on earth –
peacemaker – dreamer – the Christ-mas – the baby god –waiting in a manger
where we are instructed to kneel in joyful anticipation
beneath the light of a star –
our star – to behold in a surprising moment of grace
The Christ-mas child. Once more.