Vision: Christmas Poem, 2018 by Jubilant Mazie Warters

December 19, 2018 |

Night fills with the miracle of stars
One star brighter than the rest
shines without modesty
among angels
busy rapping,
And hearing this
shepherds kneeling in parched winter grass
clinging to a faith gone stale
like prayers saved but not believed,
awaken to the possibility of dreams reborn.
And camels, moving in slow motion like a mirage,
carrying gallivanting kings filled with unspooling amazement
led by a star guiding their deliberate quest.
And a little town wraps itself around a stable
where air thickens with smells and sounds of animals
and the miracle of birth…where a baby sleeps
in a cradle of straw…His dreams full of stars.
It is here we long to visit…to become part of the story
to be with Mary, Joseph, shepherds and kings…
to become the stories’ unnamed visitors
who welcome the CHRIST-mas into our dreams.
We longed for the Light to interrupt our darkness
and the Light showed up…and filled us with stars.