Vision: Compassionate Caring by Jackie Dobrinska, Coordinator of Community Life

February 18, 2016 |

Horses herd, birds flock and fish school. Did you know that Crows murder? Dolphins pod? Bears sleuth? Zebras zeal? And Hippopotamus crash? But what about humans? Humans tribe.

Sometimes our tribe is small – our partner, parents and/or children. Sometimes it’s large – social, political and spiritual groups. Sometimes we pick them, and sometimes we even like them.

Living together in same species groups has its advantages. It helps us find food, defend against predators (real and imagined) and care for our elders and our young. It offers play, a sense of purpose, belonging and support. A community is there to pick you up when you fall down drunk with grief. Wipe your nose when illness descends. Shine a light when you are in the dumps. And hold things together when you fall apart.

Unfortunately, many of us two-leggeds find ourselves without community. Maybe we self-identify as a lone wolf. Or maybe the walls, fences and screens have gotten too thick, high and bright. Maybe our busy lives are too fast or the media too scary. Or maybe too many people have simply left us.

Rebuilding a soul community is what Jubilee! is all about, and creating a web of support is what the new Care and Compassion Team is all about.

The Care and Compassion Team offers short-term assistance to Jubilants, by providing care (that falls within our capacity) during times of crisis. What does this mean?  All sorts of things!  It means this team is there for a Jubilant! who:

  • had surgery and needs a meal,
  • needs a ride to celebrations or doctor appointments,
  • is a single parent and needs one-time child or elder care,
  • is getting older and needs a deep house clean,
  • had a house fire and needs blankets and clothes,
  • is house bound and needs a compassionate ear,
  • and so, so, SO much more.

It can be hard to ask for help, especially in this culture that tells us having a need is needy. But being willing to receive, it is a gift, as much as being willing to give. So if you have a need, please connect to Jackie Dobrinska or Lauren Fortuna in person or through email and we will collect your information and send it out to the team. This team may not be able to fulfill every request, but we will do our best with what we have.
Who is the Team? You are! Volunteering is easy. All you do is sign up (see instructions below) and then participate as little or as much as you want. Say yes only to the activities you want and that fit your schedule.

One twig breaks, but many together are strong. If 200, 300 or 500 Jubilants join this team, it means we will be weaving a web of care and support well into the future. Our elders and single parents will have a place to turn. A broken bone or dreaded diagnosis will be met with a community of open arms.

BECOME A VOLUNTEER. Sign your name to clipboard in the hospitality room. Once you have signed up there are two more steps: 1) respond to Jackie’s email and sign up at and 2) respond to email that asks you to SIGN IN.
Whether you volunteer or make a request, always be empowered to say no to anything that doesn’t feel comfortable.