Vision: If You Wanna Sing, Sing Out! by Amy Steinberg

January 15, 2020 |

Whenever I hear that Cat Stevens song, my inner child gets so amped up! (If you don’t know the song, google it RIGHT NOW! – If You Want to Sing Out.) And I always think of the movie, Harold and Maude, which, if you haven’t seen it, PLEASE run don’t walk! (Cat Stevens did the entire soundtrack.) It’s an unconventional love story about freedom, authenticity and living out loud. Life is meant to be lived! I don’t believe we are supposed to cower in the shadows and shiver in fear. I believe we are the children of the MOST HIGH Goddess and we are supposed to shine the holy heck out of our lights. And this only happens when we feel safe and celebrated and free.

At a very young age I got involved with the theater. Me, drama? NAH! It was a calling from a very young age. I wanted to be on stage, even on Broadway some day! I had big big dreams that called to me. I studied at theater camp, went to college for theater and really thought it was my ‘meant to be.’ But along the way, I got rejected again and again. The criticism of the directors and teachers disheartened me and drove me from the theater world. I was always hard on myself for my limited vocal range and physical imperfections.

As I grew older, I began writing my own music and learned that my journey was really about finding my own voice and singing out from my own authentic place. I began making records and touring around the country. Coffeehouses, colleges, bars, house concerts, you name it. I went to hundreds of cities, saw the country and even went international a few times. It was better than Broadway. It was Myway. And as fate would have it, I was drawn into performing and working at Spiritual Centers, which deepened my relationship with the mystery and the Divine and ultimately led me to you, Jubilee!

About 4 years ago, I began teaching a class called Creative Expression, because I knew that so many people get shut down, or have a calling or a dream to sing, but because of the criticism of others and the insecure voices, they shut down in this area. And it affects their whole lives. The transformations I’ve seen take place in the classes I’ve taught have been astounding. And it’s not about singing, really. It’s about shining our lights, living out loud, and being ourselves, no matter what!

I really want to encourage you to think about the ways that you might be creatively shut down and gently open up to what is possible. I truly believe that each of us has something special to offer the world, and if we deprive the world of our light and our sparkle, it’s not fair! You are a star in my sky, and if you aren’t shining, I take it personally.

Shine on, Amy