Vision: “Let Everything that Has Breath Praise the Lord” by Jubilant Rob Mohr

February 4, 2016 |

During February and March the Earth Team’s creation care group will be working with our children on projects that broaden their connection with the earth and that challenge the adult community to recognize and correct our own disconnect with the earth and all of creation. Together Jubilants of all ages will be given a number of opportunities to refocus and hone our capacity to embrace creation and one another. The children will be responding to the creative work of creation that is going on all around us as it embraces, nurtures and sustains our lives. These creative forces call out to us, “Return my embrace. Enable me to heal.” Our responsive embrace of creation will be a profound act of love that enables our human family to live in harmony with the earth and its inhabitants.

One of the great gifts of Jubilee!, is being part of a spiritual community that enables us to hear this call to love, and to live in harmony with the earth and with one another. Yet within the norms of our encompassing, materialistic society there is a deep human disconnection from the earth, creation and one another. What we do together at Jubilee!—our spiritual commitment, our worship, our outreach, and our friendships are all part of our desire to correct this disconnection. But the question remains, are we still in too many essential ways disconnected from creation and the natural world?

When we consider the infinite expanse of creation—the billions of galaxies filled with uncountable numbers of stars—we encounter its greatness, and also come face to face with the small, yet essential role we play. Daily our understanding in every field of discovery expands, our technology accelerates, our lives are extended, but what is our response to these gifts? We carry the power of life and death over all other living creatures, over the very planet that is our home, over our very survival. What does it all mean? How do we exercise that power?

Pragmatic demands dominate our living—expectation imposed by our work, our family and friends, coupled with our daily priorities pull us in multiple directions and limit our capacity to focus on our essential connection with creation. Our national investment in war and violence, our obsession with material consumption — large cars and SUVs, the latest clothes, appliances, digital entertainment and the vast array of goods we encounter each day — steal our ability to see or understand the increasingly large footprint each of us has on the environment that nurtures and sustains our being. Like unrestrained giants we walk heavy footed across the earth, crushing all that is in our path.

“The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.”
– Revelation 22:3

How do we heal ourselves? The answer rest with how we relate to our children and families, what we do together to enrich both our and other people’s physical and spiritual lives, the priorities we set, the mission or role we envision for our lives, and our recognition of our responsibility to nurture and embrace and protect the environment. This spiritual engagement makes us an essential part of a unifying adventure shared with all of humanity.

An ancient promise set in Leviticus 26, tells us that, if we do our part, creation will respond and “give us rains in their season, and the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit … we shall eat our bread to the full, and live securely in our land.”