Vision: Let’s Chill by Amy Steinberg

February 27, 2020 |

It’s cold, wet, and getting dark early. A lot of days have been grey, and when the sun does come out it’s like a soul-quenching elixir, right? Here we are, deep in the heart of winter. I am loving it. Are you? I was really hoping for a winter! I grew up in Florida where it was palm trees and sunshine alllll the time, so it’s quite beautiful to experience such a sweetheart of a winter. And it’s definitely winter! Something happened about two weeks ago, could you feel it? Winter finally came. I wasn’t sure we were going to get one – and from what I’ve heard it’s been a very mild one – but it definitely came. And I’m really digging it.

I love the stillness, the quietude, and the overall vibe of winter. It feels so natural and good in my body to be next to the fire, seeing my breath at night in the cold air, and cuddling up with a blanket as I watch the snow (what little we’ve had so far) dance in the winter day. It feels like the natural thing to do is hibernate, stay home and sink into solitude. It’s a time for self-reflection, cuddling up with the fur babies or loved ones, and just stopping for a minute. We got past the holidays, and spring break isn’t here yet. It’s time to chill. Pun definitely intended. But what’s really cool is that there’s more happening here than meets the eye. It seems like all those things I just mentioned, it seems slower, and feels simpler, but in fact, it’s quite a productive time and more complex than we might imagine. You see, we are one with Nature, we are one with Life, and so all the shenanigans happening in Nature are happening inside of us as well.

Many seeds and plants and animals are resting, but many are not! There is planning and plotting going on all around us. The winter fleas are on the march, the coyotes are out and about, and the birds, you may have noticed are going at it bigtime. Hawks, eagles and owls are beginning to nest, and the Great Mother in the Northern Hemisphere is prepped to pop and birth all sorts of breathtaking beauty. Oh, there’s a lot happening right now, and we are here for it!

For us humans, magic is happening. Ideas are percolating, we are laying our own eggs, our own dreams and wishes are taking form. We are deciding what’s coming next, we are aware that there is growth happening deep within, and we are excited for what’s coming. It’s the best time ever. Anticipation. The possibilities. The creativity! Winter is a fabulous time, yes? And the Creativa, the mystical dance of birthing, creativity and passion is a time for sowing the seeds of love – putting energy into trusting the unfolding of the cycles of life. Just trusting. Trusting that the heart of winter can hold us all.

Chilling with you, Amy