Vision: Let’s Speak Love! by Amy Steinberg

February 12, 2020 |

If someone hasn’t told you that they love you yet today, let me be the first. I love you. I truly do. Jubilee!, you have opened my heart in a really special way. You have taught me how to show up each and every Sunday with an open heart – even when I’m hurting, even when I’m afraid, even when I’m not sure of what’s to come. And I hope that you feel the same, not only about me, but about Jubilee! as a whole. I believe we are helping each other with this as we grow together as a community. Learning the language of love.

Have you heard of the ‘languages of love?’ It’s quite an interesting concept. There’s this idea that we all have a primary way that we give and accept love, a way that we express and allow love in the most natural way. There is a famous book, The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, that spells these out.

Words of affirmation, physical touch, giving/receiving gifts, quality time, and acts of service are the 5 languages that Chapman teaches. I find it to be a fascinating idea. We learn how to love and how to be loved in our family of origin, and then as adults we learn how to love in relationship and spiritual community.  Do you know your language of love? A lot of times how we give love is how we like to receive.

I notice that at Jubilee! that we are a space where all the languages of love are firing at the same time. We have lots of positive communication (words of affirmation) through prayer and song, we have hugs and handshakes during the Peace time (physical touch), we are given gifts of song and story from community members and visiting artists (gifts), and we spend quality time together each Sunday as well as during special events. We have got the love going on!

I find days like Valentine’s Day and other ‘special’ days to be challenging. God doesn’t say love your neighbor on February 14th. God is the energy of love all the time, every day. It is an effort and an opportunity as we move through our days. But I don’t want to be a curmudgeon about it either, because who doesn’t love chocolates and flowers?

Here’s the thing. I always have chocolate in my house. And I always have fresh flowers in my house. So cupid is always chilling out with me, because I treat myself like my Valentine year round. Do you do the same for you?

So if you aren’t ready for all that commitment to dating yourself, please remember that I told you in the beginning of this essay that I love you. I promise to love you until you can love yourself. Wooing in Wonder, Amy