Vision: Magical Miracle Moments by Amy Steinberg

September 25, 2019 |

Rushing through the Charlotte airport, sure I was going to miss a flight, a sweet looking man with brown hair and a smiling moustache came walking briskly toward me.

“Amy!” He glowed, excitement and joy pouring out of his eyes. I knew he looked familiar, but my brain was so scrambled with nerves I couldn’t place him.

“It’s me, Richard!”

My heart broke open as I realized it was Richard Burdick, head minister at Unity of Atlanta. This is a man who I deeply love, although truly, I don’t know him all that well. I had the pleasure of leading the women’s retreat at his church last year. And we have dreamed and talked of working together at some point. I get him. And he gets me. I was so thrilled to see him.

We briefly chatted, me still rushing about and he was stretching his legs while he waited for the flight to Spain. He was taking his congregation to Spain. They do a big trip each year. Doesn’t this sound great, Jubilee? (Who wants to head that up?! I’m thinking Paris!) I breathed deeply and smiled. Hugged him and we parted. Then I realized I was in the wrong terminal!

I forgot to mention how bad I had to pee and so I rushed to the nearest bathroom. Turning around, I bumped into him again and we both said, “No mistakes.”

What a blessing. I headed to my gate and of course the plane was delayed and delayed and delayed again. So I didn’t miss the plane. And I got to see Richard! He became the head minister of Unity in Atlanta five years before he was ordained and had been a music minister prior, so we have a TON in common. God was saying, “All shall be well. You are supported.”

The encounter reminded me to slow down, trust and watch for the miracle moments. Have you had any of these lately? Turned the radio on just in time to hear a favorite song? Looked up to see a flock of birds floating about in a marvelous murmuration? Heard the percolating coffee maker and thought of how blessed you are to be able to enjoy a cup? It’s really a matter of awareness and gratitude. Going with the flow and trusting the unfolding.

Via Negativa speaks to me about slowing down, stopping to recognize the little blessings, and opening to what messages are there for the taking. I can’t wait to connect with Richard to reflect upon that little miraculous moment. And I look forward to hearing about your little moments.

In my office, there is a big corkboard, and it’s officially going to be the synchronicity/miracle board. When you experience one, write it down on a small piece of paper and pop by my office to put it up. I want to get to know you and this is a fun way, so let’s together take notice of all the wild, wonderful things that are happening. I’ll be in my office Tuesdays from 11-3 and Thursdays from 2-6. This is going to shift around, but for now, this is the time to pop by, or on Sundays! See you soon!