Vision: Thankfulness—the Gift that Never Stops Giving by Amy Steinberg

November 20, 2019 |

Thank you thank you thank you. And thank you once again, God, Great Spirit, LOVE! Life! Universe…Goddess…call this energy of Creation whatever you like. JUST THANK IT, whydoncha!?  When is the last time you really stopped, took a look around and expressed that thankfulness that lives inside your heart? It’s a glorious treasure.

If it’s the only prayer we say, we’re good. We can always say it, no matter what! Car broke down. Thank you. I have a car. The weather is crappy. Thank you. A place to put my melancholy. Big bill comes in the mail. Thank you for payment plans! HA!

It’s simply a matter of keeping our minds focused on the peace of gratefulness, maintaining that attitude of gratitude. This is the gift that never stops giving. And this is the way to lean into happiness when things aren’t feeling so hot.

I never tire of being grateful for my pets – not only the ones I currently have, but the ones that have passed on. It never gets old to be grateful for the bed I sleep in. There are so many folks on this planet that don’t have that simple pleasure. When I remember that and give an open hearted THANK YOU for that bed, I enjoy it all the more! Mmm…sinking under the covers on a cool night…what is better?! What are the things you never get tired of being grateful for? Your home? Car? Friends?  Family? Jubilee? The ability to read and walk and talk and joke…so many wonderful things to celebrate.

Being in the Via Negativa gives us all an opportunity to slow down, go within and dig a deeper well for the thankful grateful heart, asking it to remain open, remain open, remain open. PLEASE REMAIN OPEN, dear heart! Don’t snap shut the minute there’s something challenging.

There have been times where I’ve felt lost, alone, and even sad with all this newness and transition. And of course Howard going through his health crisis. This is something that gives us all great pause. We are so grateful that our dear Howard is at home and recovering like the amazing rockstar he is. THANK YOU! And…it’s been difficult for him. And difficult for us. This has been a moment to stop and pray and love each other even more. So grateful for Howard.

So during this time, the tool of gratitude has come in handy dandy for SURE. When I break out my pen and paper and give some energy to the good ol’ gratitude list, it ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS shifts my focus, and helps me to see what’s going RIGHT. This is the tool of all tools, the big whammy, the mind changer of all mind changers.

And so many things are going right, aren’t they Jubilee?! Let’s keep our eyes on that this month as we round out this time of the Negativa, and head on into the Holy Day season.  -Amy