Vision: The Jubilee! Temple by Howard Hanger

November 9, 2018 |

Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power,
the glory, the majesty, the splendor,
for everything in heaven and on earth is yours.”

This was from King David’s last prayer. Very last. He died shortly after praying that prayer at the age of 70, having ruled over Israel for 40 years. Historians place David as somewhere around 1000 BCE, though they acknowledge that little is known of The Boy outside the Hebrew scriptures and the Koran.

So David is about to die. And in his last days, he gives piles of his kingly gold and silver and precious stones to the temple. He encourages all his leaders to do the same. They do. Then they sacrificed a bunch of oxen and rams, called in the wine stewards and all the people had themselves a fine feast to celebrate God and the temple.

And why did they do all this?  Well, maybe, knowing that he was about to bow out, it was David’s way of sucking up to God. Or….Maybe it was simply David’s way and all the peoples’ way of acknowledging that they loved the temple because it gave them something to believe in.

…something worth believing in.

…something bigger than themselves.

…something more grand than their own personal agenda.

…something greater than politics or business or power or money.

So they gave their gifts to the temple because the temple pointed to God. Pointed to a way of life that was worth living. The temple gave them something to believe in. Something to revere. Which is finally what we all want, is it not? We want something in our lives that is worth living for. Worth our time and energy on this planet.  That’s what reverence is all about.

This is the beginning of Jubilee! Pledge Month. This is the month we ask you to give. And to pledge that you will give.  We ask you to bring your “gold and silver and precious stones” for this temple. This Jubilee! temple.

And why do we do that? Because for 29 years, this sweet temple has given you and thousands of others something to believe in: believe that there’s a Holiness within and all around us… call it God, call it Allah, call it Spirit… call it what you will.

This sweet temple has helped thousands of folks:

ˆ Believe in compassion that is real and tangible

ˆ Believe that joy is here and now and always available

ˆ Believe that making this world a better place is a worthy gig

ˆ Believe in yourself – in the sweet and powerful wonder that you are

This Jubilee! Temple has given thousands of folks a renewed reverence for life. A renewed reverence for life. A renewed reverence for life. And that’s why we boldly ask you to bring your gold and silver and precious stones… so that we can continue doing this and do it even better.