Vision: Treasures & Trash by Howard Hanger

November 10, 2016 |

Dear Jubilant,

Our theme for this quarter – Via Negativa (everybody’s favorite) – is “Treasure & Trash.” With the election, ‘tis indeed a Negativa time for many of us. A dark and hopeless time.  But I would prefer to see this, rather, as an enormously challenging time… a time in our lives and in the life of our country when, we make the choice to live like stars: not simply cursing the darkness but shining brightly with all we have.  Let us pray for our president and our country. And let us step up to plate to take care of our brothers and sisters and of all creation.  Now, more than ever.

So, in line with our Fall Quarter theme, “Treasures & Trash,” my question is, “What do you treasure about Jubilee?  What makes Jubilee! worth your time, energy and money?

Is it:

  • Sunday morning celebrations?
  • The fact that we give over $100,000/year to help others who are in need?
  • Our green, eco-conscious building?
  • Our amazing Nurture program?
  • The Band? OMG, The Band!
  • The growing Jubilee! Singers?
  • Vespers?
  • Our openness?
  • All the mind-blowing and spirit-revving Jubilant artists who share their gifts?
  • The singers, the dancers, the poets, the story tellers?
  • The Prayer Alcove and Prayer Partners?
  • The uber-comfortable, ergonomic metal chairs?
  • All the new classes and workshops and opportunities for growth?
  • The LaZoom tours?
  • My jokes?
  • Or is it something else?

I invite you to spend a moment or two contemplating what you treasure about Jubilee!… why Jubilee! is a treasure for you.  And then, translate that into a number—of dollars—dollars you are willing to share in order to assure that this treasure not only continues, but grows.

Jubilee! is not endowed.  We don’t have piles of cash invested here and there. We have always felt it’s better to make this world a better place now and not simply save up for a rainy day. We’re pretty sure Jesus didn’t have a big stock portfolio.  He used what he had when he had it and, 2000 years later, he is still inspiring people to do good.

So… with no pecuniary (always wanted to use that word) investments, Jubilee! needs your support. Now. With a little focus and prayer, fill out a pledge card.  If you receive one in the mail, bring it to celebrations on November 20.  If not, we will have pledge cards in the bulletins, in the Hospitality Room or at the Welcome Table.

Let’s demonstrate how much we treasure Jubilee! and in that way, keep Jubilee! growing as a treasure for this planet.

To The Treasure of Joyful Living…