Vision: Upcoming Events: 4.1.2016

March 30, 2016 |

The Jubilee! Wellness Series Returns…Walk-Ins Are Always Welcome

  • Tuesday, April 5 – Intro to Secrets of Natural Walking,
    6:30—8:30 pm

    Want to learn the yoga of walking? Let your walking be your healing with Secrets of Natural Walking with Diana Stone, Raven Kelly and Deborah La Fon. Get maximum benefit from each step you take, toning muscles, improving posture, and vitalizing your whole body.  For questions and connections, please call Deborah, 828-215-6033.  Check out our national website: $10 suggested donation. Join us!
  • Thursday, April 7— The Law of Attraction & Wellness: The Magic Link, 7—9 pm
    Have you wondered how to tap into the Law of Attraction for wellness practices? What are the factors that seem to sabotage our efforts at allowing the Law of Attraction to bring peace and wellness? As a survivor of cancer and heart failure, Larry Watson has seen the benefits of affirmations to trigger the Law of Attraction on the journey to wellness in body, mind, heart, and spirit. Join Larry as we look at the tools  of denial, affirmation, and gratitude that invite the Law of Frequency to work it’s Magic in our lives. Suggested donation $10. RSVP/Contact 859 653-8502.
  • Tuesday, April 12 – Your Food. Your Mood with Lino Stanchich,
    7—9 pm
    What you are eating may be eating you…emotionally, causing depression, anxiety, irritability, anger. Food creates and powerfully affects all your cells, blood, nerves, and mind. Discover specific facts about common, everyday foods, additives such as hormones and chemicals that help explain the epidemics of depression and other mental and emotional imbalances. Illustrations, charts, scientific studies, and a lighthearted laughter therapy experience included! $10 suggested donation. RSVP 828-299-8657 or

Life After Death, The Survival of Consciousness…Monday, April 11, 7—9 pm
What is life after death like? Do we survive with memory and awareness? Will we meet our loved ones?   Is there a Hell?  The Spiritual Journey Team is excited to announce an opportunity for you to ask questions about this fascinating subject. Internationally renowned mediums, Page Bryant, Charley Castex, professional Mind-Body life coach Kevin Peer, and transpersonal therapist David Robertson, Ph.D. will be available to share their knowledge from a diversity of spiritual traditions. Our understanding of death can be continually expanded through understanding, and that information leads to a message of unspeakable joy, that death truly has no sting.

80,000 Cups of Coffee/Year!
The Jubilee! Service Team will be collecting regular, ground coffee (no whole bean or decaf, please) through the month of April for AHOPE (Homeward Bound). Folks at A-Hope say, “We go through about 80,000 cups of coffee a year at the Day Center.  If you’re experiencing homelessness coffee brings comfort.” A red bin is in the Entry Area.

Care & Compassion Team Social and Potluck
Tuesday, April 5th @ 6:30—8:30 pm
Come together with others involved with this newly formed team, offering caring support for Jubilant!s in times of crisis. Whether you have signed up to give support or receive it, this is a special evening at Jubilee! to meet with one another, learn more about the team, ask questions and simply build deeper connections. Bring a dish to share. Contact Jackie at

Get on the Path…
Wednesday, April 6th, 6—9 pm, Hanger Hall
Interested in learning more about Jubilee!? Getting to know some of these wacky Jubilants? Then sign up for Pathways which is the best way we know to get involved at Jubilee! And, if you would like to become a member, this is the way to get started.  Finger foods and beverages will be served.  Participation is limited to 20 folks.  Sign up at the Welcome Table on Sunday mornings.

Want to Show Your Artwork?
     The Jubilee! Arts Team who manages the Hospitality Room Gallery is looking for artists of all description who might want to display their creations.  Openings exist in the months of June and September. Interested? Contact Sharon at or 645-5338.

Zen Meditation Group
Six consecutive Thursdays at 6:15 pm starting April 7th
Join Sunya Kjolhede & Lawson Sachter,  co-abbots of Windhorse Zen Community, each with 45 years of Zen practice, on a journey of Zen Meditation which is a dynamic and penetrating practice—a simple, time-proven way to help us dive beneath the churning waves of thought, to personally experience the beauty, dignity and wholeness of our own fundamental nature. By donation.

Help Needed at MANNA
The next Jubilee! Service Team MANNA Food Bank “volunteer day” is Saturday, April 9th from 9 am till noon. Children are welcome. Come and be a part of helping those in food crisis and get to know some of your fellow Jubilants as well!  Please contact Sandy Jones to participate. Email or call Sandy Jones at Smilesandyj@gmail. com or  (704) 517-6646.