Vision: Via Transformativa – Body Talk by Howard Hanger

March 17, 2016 |

Make no mistake, every cell in your body knows when you are unhappy, anxious or stressed. A cell’s awareness is expressed in chemical reactions instead of words. No matter. The message comes through loud and clear. – Deepak Chopra

You can have a body of literature, body of water, body of musical works or body of parliament. Your wine can be full-bodied, your organization can be a recognized body, you can gaze at a celestial body or your dog’s stomach can contain a foreign body. You can be part of a public body, private body, student body or governing body. Your shampoo can give body to your hair. You can have body odor, work in a body shop or end up in a body bag. So many bodies, so little time.

But the body you tend to care about, think about, fret about and bother about is the body you see in the mirror and recognize as you. The body that other people know as you. The body that is right now holding and reading this little doodle. Your body is your ticket, your passport, your license to operate in the world. It’s how you are identified. How you get around. How you appear to others. So that’s why we worry that our butt’s too fat or our hair’s too thin. It’s why we spend hours and dollars at the gym or buying food we think will keep us feeling healthy and looking hot.

Is there more to you than your body? Of course. You have thoughts, emotions, ideas, fantasies, hopes, dreams and dreads. But all them little boogers are being manufactured and running around in that body of yours. Your body doesn’t just contain you. It is – in a very real sense – you. And no matter how brilliant or stupid, how witty or dull, how sexy or bland, how kind or cruel you may be, it’s all happening in and with that body of yours.
Did you know that in only one square inch of your skin there are 19 million cells, 625 sweat glands, 90 oil glands, 65 hairs, 19,000 sensory cells and over 20 million microscopic bugs? Yep, bugs. That amazing skin waterproofs you, destroys harmful bacteria, regulates temperature and is constantly chatting with your brain and other parts of your body. Your skin, bones, muscles, eyes, ears, stomach, liver, heart, blood vessels are all continuously communicating with each other through your brain and nervous system. And the result is nothing less than a miracle. And that’s you! You, Lil’ Buckaroo, are nothing less than a honkin’-happenin’-hippity-hoopity-rock’em-sock’em miracle – just by being you!

But not only do your body parts talk with each other, your body communicates with people around you. Body language speaks loud and clear and sometimes even contradicts what’s coming out of your mouth. Without you muttering a word, your body language: how you walk, how you stand, what you do with your arms and legs lets the cat out of the bag by saying volumes of what you are feeling at the moment.

And… your body has the ability to talk to your conscious brain and even convince it to make good choices. We all know that a sudden pain in the chest or shortness of breath can mean a possible heart attack and give us a chance to get our nappy asses to the hospital. We know that a headache can be suggesting we need less stress or more water.

But the body talks in so many other ways. When you break out in a cold sweat or feel goose bumps on your butt or feel butterflies in your tummy or a twinge in your loins or tears in your eyes, your body is expressing itself loud and clear.

Human bodies know how life works. They’ve been doing it for maybe 200,000 years. Our bodies have a rich and ancient wisdom; and if we are wise, we will learn from that wisdom and make ourselves and our world a healthier and happier place.