Vision: You, Me, Jesus and the Gita by Amy Steinberg

September 11, 2019 |

“Lay down, lay down, lay it all down. Let your white bird smile up at the ones who stand and frown.” – Melanie

“Come to me and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

“Meet this transient world with neither grasping nor fear, trust the unfolding of life, and you will attain true serenity.” – Bhagavad Gita

Hello, beautiful family! I know… you’ve got questions. What is a nice Jewish girl (yeah me – bat mitzvhed, matzoball-souped to the hilt, steeped in guilt and humor) doing as Minister of Ritual at this Creation Spirituality, Progressive Christian(y) Jubilee! community? Great question! Awesome inquiry. There are lots of questions here. Let’s get after them! Together, over time, I promise we will answer them. Together.

A simple answer I have for you today is destiny, karma, meant to freaking be. It couldn’t not be this way (double negative in honor of Via Negativa). The journey that led us to each other is the same journey that leads all of us to where we are right now in each of our lives. Twisty turny bumpy spiral upward. It is the highest and best expression of God’s good for all of us, and I’m honored to dig in and lay down some roots with you all.

Via Negativa is the perfect time for this shift. It is the season of broken openness, reckless readiness, and soft sweetness. A letting go in this Via calls to our deepest longing – “Let’s faaaall in love!” it beckons. The theme of “Lay it Down” is apropos for the massive shift this marvelous community is going through this fall. As one big collective we get to lay down expectations, worries, drama and fear, at the same time Mother Nature is laying down her life for the next season. We get to align with her and lay down the old and our ideas of how things should or shouldn’t be. It’s an opportunity to TRUST GOD. (whataconcept.)

Let’s turn to Jesus (a nice Jewish boy) as a guide. Again and again, he teaches the importance of peace, trusting the Almighty (Universe, God/dess, ALLNESS) and the ultimate surrendering to Great Destiny’s call. From another angle, we will explore the Bhagavad Gita (baguette big eater for those of you interested in French cuisine). Hinduism’s Gita, one of the oldest known religious texts, teaches about resting in dharma, listening to a deep calling to our true identity. When we’ve discovered our dharma, we know it, we feel it in our bones, because life is so aligned that work feels more like play, time melts away and selfishness disappears. There’s also karma in the Gita – what ya give ya get back. This is spiritual law. Create peace, receive peace. Lay down troubles, Providence meets us halfway.

So here we are. You, me, Jesus and the Gita. Together we are going to lay it all down; new seeds, new roots, new pathways – with conscious, loving hearts. My gratitude rests easy with this glorious opportunity to grow beside you, like trees in the forest of faith; interconnected, alive and thriving.