Who We Are

Jube--Brook_and_RyanJubilee! is a community of faith, and our vision of a community is that of a vital, involved, committed and loving group of people interacting dynamically and compassionately with each other, the world, and ourselves, as God leads us.  We honor all religions and all people.

“The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
—Frederick Buechner

At our Sunday celebrations we express our faith and Creation Spirituality through music (led by the dynamic World Beat Band, the Jubilee! Singers and guest performers), dance, poetry, evocative messages, and fellowship at our spiritual home on Wall Street in downtown Asheville, NC.  We also express our faith by sharing ourselves and our resources with other men, women, and children and with organizations serving our fellow humans, other living entities, and the Earth itself.


“Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing” — Jubilee! Community Values

JuwhoWeArebilee! celebrates… community… diversity… Creation Spirituality… and Original Blessing and the Four-fold path or Four Vias.

Jubilee! honors…each of us as we are…the inner and outer journey that each of us is on…all of creation…and honesty, integrity, connection, compassion, service, social justice, and authenticity.

Jubilee! teaches… love and respect for all living things, including ourselves…acceptance of the wisdom of all religious traditions, spiritualities and indigenous cultures…compassion through open-heartedness….forgiveness…outreach giving and personal service…that we are all sons and daughters of God…and that God continually calls us out to be who we are really meant to be.

Jubilee! rejoices in and expresses…creativity by how we worship and celebrate together…relate to the universe as an interconnected whole…connect with and mentor our youth…comprehend and draw on the wisdom of our elders…accept change as part of living…acknowledge our fallibility and our limitations…or take ourselves lightly.

Our Affirmations

Jubilee! is all kinds of people finding and following God’s call to life. These affirmations are simply a way of establishing our place in the continuum of the history and mystery of our faith. There is much more to Jubilee! than these affirmations. These are starting points. We trust that God will lead us from here.

We affirm that:

• All creation reveals and expresses GodJubilee--Chalices

• Diversity of faith enriches our community

• We love and respect all living things – including ourselves

• We are called to love with all our heart, soul, mind and strength

• We are originally blessed by the Creator and are called to co-create blessing in this world

• We accept the wisdom and teachings of all religious traditions

11075024_1558284431111502_2370027582144080489_n• God continually calls us to be who we are created to be

• We live lives of compassion, forgiveness and justice

• We accept and follow teachings and examples of Jesus

• There is wisdom in the Hebrew/Christian scriptures

• We practice outreach giving and personal service as spiritual disciplines

• We accept that living faith must grow and change